Q&A Interview at RealSounds OK

Here’s a Q&A me & Brandon did for RealSounds OK (a site from England). Enjoy the read… http://realsoundsok.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/subject-to-thoughts-q.html

The Culmination now free at Bandcamp

Just in case you’ve never heard us, now’s your chance… Our latest album is now available for #free at #bandcamp http://www.subjectothoughts.bandcamp.comĀ  Enjoy…

StT featured on Gonzo Weekly #84

Just got an email that we were featured on the latest issue of Gonzo Weekly ##GonzoWeekly 84. Check it out at http://www.gonzoweekly.comĀ  …

StT featured on Lonely Oak Radio

Just got confirmation that Since the Inception will be featured today on Lonely Oak Radio. Check us out at www.lonely-oak.com