5 Things Spock Would Say About TV Screen Protectors

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Maybe it’s not the most advanced technology, but Spock has a few things to say about applying a TV screen protector. Not only is this simple piece of plastic, acrylic or some other transparent material going to save your expensive material, but Spock is fairly pleased (though he does his best to suppress the emotions) with how well these protectors perform. Here are the top five things that Spock would say (you’ve probably heard them before). “It’s illogical not to use one.”

Everything with the Vulcans must be logical, so let’s think about how illogical it is to not use a TV screen protector. You probably spent around $1,000 for the TV ($2,000 or more if you got a good one), but you refuse to buy a protector that only costs $100 to $300 to keep it safe. Not only does it shield the screen from dust and scratch causing particles, but it ensures that children and accidents don’t destroy the screen. However, if you want to spend another $1,000 to get a new TV after yours breaks, then I guess it makes sense not to use one. “Live long and prosper.” Nobody wants their TV to die or break prematurely, but you’re inviting disaster if you don’t protect it. For cool reviews about TV streaming devices, check out power moves for more information. 

You might think that it’s being overly cautious to protect the screen, but think of all the things that can destroy the screen. Wiimotes, bickering kids and toys are just a few things that can be accidentally launched at the screen. If you want your TV to live long (and, of course, prosper), then you need to protect it. “Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected.” No one expects their TV to be damaged or scratched. No one buys a TV saying, “I can’t wait until this thing gets destroyed!”

However, it’s inevitable that something will ruin your TV. It could even be something small like dust causing distracted scratches on the screen. While Spock might stand by and say “fascinating” as he looks at your destroyed TV (actually, he would probably say “interesting” and give you an unsatisfactory look), you should prepare for the unexpected before it happens. “There are always alternatives.” Yes, there are always alternatives to not using a TV screen protector. You could bolt your TV to a stand so that it never falls, never allow anyone into the room with the TV and use a complex filtration and sanitation system to keep all dust from entering the room. But, it’s much simpler to just buy an affordable screen protector. “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.”

Though Spock may not be interested in characterization when it comes to inanimate objects, he would probably prescribe this quote to the screen protector. Not only will a protector last for years, but you can also use it with your TV (when you upgrade, not when it breaks) if it’s the same size. If you take care of the protector, then it will take care of you. It’s really easy, too. Just occasionally dust it, make sure that nothing hits the protector and be gentle. Conclusion Now that Spock has taken time out of his busy day to assure you that TV screen protectors truly are the only logical choice, don’t you feel foolish for not having one? Listen to this wise Vulcan and get a protector as soon as possible.