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It’s been around three years now since I started running my own web sites, and in that time I’ve been around the block a few times. I’ve had accounts with all the major hosting companies and banged my head against more than my share of brick walls when things have gone wrong. After three years of running multiple sites through multiple hosts it’s become abundantly clear that some are solid gold, while others should be avoided like the plague.

HostGator, fortunately, is one of the good ones. I first registered for their ‘Baby’ plan a little over a year ago, and I haven’t looked back since. In fact, since registering with HostGator I’ve switched a few of my existing sites over from competing hosts to take advantage of the unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains of the plan. So, what is it about HostGator that would convince me to defect from my old hosts? Well, let’s take a look…

Pros 1. cPanel Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their graphical interface, but I’m completely at home with cPanel.

Everything is laid out in a simple, logical manner, and after a few years of working primarily with this interface I struggle with anything else. HostGator, of course, offers cPanel to control your sites, and if you’re anything like me you’ll love it. 2. Customer Service Customer service is a real problem area for hosting companies. Some just don’t have the manpower to keep up with tickets, and the result is that you wait days or even weeks for an issue to be resolved. Patience is a virtue, of course, but when an issue is costing you revenue with each passing minute it’s easy to see why customers would become a little irked.

HostGator offers what I think is the best customer service in the industry (or, at least, the best of the providers I’ve used). Since joining them I’ve had just one problem, relating to a failed payment at the end of my first year (my fault), and from the moment I opened a ticket it took around three hours to resolve the issue… including the time it took for me to arrange an alternative payment method. 3. Choice If you want to run a single site you can do so for around $4/month with the Hatchling Plan, while the Baby and Business Plans offer progressively greater options for a little extra money.

If your properties demand a little extra, though, HostGator offer a wide range of dedicated server packages that allow complete control, stability and immense bandwidth to satisfy even the most demanding of sites. [Subheading] Cons 1. Cost Let’s get it out of the way: there are hosting companies that offer cheaper deals. HostGator doesn’t claim to be the cheapest, and for those customers on an extremely tight budget it may be tempting to look elsewhere. Fortunately, there are always coupons available that offer free months and annual discounts that can bring the cost down considerably. 2. Poor Basic Package If price really is an issue for you there’s the option of the Hatchling Plan, HostGator’s most basic package. However, with the allowance of just one domain it can be extremely limiting. I started on the Hatchling Plan and soon found myself wishing I’d spent a little extra on a plan without such harsh limitations.

Fortunately, HostGator allowed me to upgrade to the Baby Plan without any hassle. The Last Word As should be clear by now I’m fairly enamored with HostGator. It’s not perfect, and the price is far from bargain basement, but if you’re looking for a host that offers excellent customer service, a wide range of options to suit every customer, a great graphical interface and uptime of well over 99% I can’t think of a better option. Just be sure to use a coupon when you open your account and you’ll find yourself with an excellent host at a very reasonable price. For more reviews about HostGator, check out weak moves and see what this hosting service has to offer.