Soundproof Panels

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When you want to create a quiet space in a residential, commercial or other structure one method of accomplishing the goal is to incorporate sound proofing panels into the design. Sound proofing panels are also referred to as acoustic panels. Sound is created by vibrations of voices and objects. These vibrations create sound waves that a person hears when picked up by an ear drum. The panels function by creating a barrier to these vibrations . 

Sound proofing panels are available for purchase in numerous colors to coordinate with most any inside decor. Sound proofing panels can be affixed to the walls, ceilings or both depending on the level of sound that you desire to block. In addition sound proofing panels can not only be installed as basic color panels but also wrapped in fabric for color and design variations . While sound proofing panels are most often thought of for use to block sound between apartments and in music studios, their use is much more versatile. For instance they can be used in bars and lounges to create space where people can talk while music is playing at the same time in another area. Movie theatres and classrooms are examples where you can incorporate sound panels so different movies or lessons do not overlap with one another. Larger areas such as gyms and industrial commercial areas can incorporate sound proofing panels attached to metal. For even more versatility, sound proofing panels can be created using wood veneers. This allows the panels to be incorporated into office designs that use wood for decorative accents and design. Regardless of the material used to manufacture the sound proofing panels, they can be manufactured not only for design function but cut into virtually any size and shape. 

Many sound proofing panels are manufactured with recycled materials. Sound proofing panels are manufactured with different noise reduction coefficients. (NRC). That is the commonly accepted scale measuring the amount of sound energy or vibrations are absorbed in relation to a particular surface. Higher rated sound proofing panels absorb 95% of middle to high range vibrations and frequencies. These would have an NRC rating of .95. Sound proofing panels are generally fire proof for more effective and safe use. Fire ratings vary but many sound proofing panels are manufactured to the level of a Class A or Class 1 fire rating. That means the material is very or highly resistant to fire burning and spreading.